Holiday Orders

A membership in a Bacon Club from The Pig Next Door makes a wonderful holiday gift, if we don't say so ourselves. Starting in January, your lucky gift recipient will have delicious bacon delivered to their door for the next several months, reminding them each time just how cool you were for giving them the ultimate holiday gift.

Because of the holiday rush, and because we want to make sure your gift doesn't arrive too early (and wind up sitting under a tree for weeks before it's opened), we won't begin shipping bacon for any memberships in our Bacon Clubs purchased after December 8 until January 2013.

During the order-checkout process, you'll have the opportunity to enhance the Bacon Club membership by adding a gift-wrapped coffee mug or a personalized gift card to your order. We'll send these enhancements directly to the gift recipient for your convenience, or we can send them to you instead for you to give to your chosen lover of bacon in person.

We'd never want to ruin your holiday surprise, so unless you've added the gift-wrapped coffee mug or the personalized gift card to your order, we won't contact your gift recipient directly until the week of December 31. At that time, we will send them an email with information about their membership and to ensure all delivery details are correct. You can also add a personalized message to that notification email during the order-checkout process at no additional charge.

If you don't wish to add a gift-wrapped mug or a personalized gift card to your order, we still have you covered. You can download this snazzy gift card (requires Adobe® Acrobat Reader) to give to the lucky gift recipient in person or via email.

As always, we're here to help make sure your gift recipient is as happy as can be with your generous gift. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us.

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   Delicious artisan bacon delivered to your door each month
   Memberships start at $99 plus shipping

   Buy a membership in The Pig's Heirloom Bacon Club now!
   Monthly delivery of bacon from heritage breeds raised sustainably
   Memberships start at $149 plus shipping