Members of The Pig's Traditional Bacon Club receive a different artisan bacon delivered to their door once a month. Half-year memberships are available, and you can choose to receive either one or two packages of bacon per shipment. Each package contains between 12 and 16 ounces of delicious artisan bacon.

Along with each shipment of fine artisan bacon, members will also receive detailed tasting notes about their monthly selection and recipes designed to highlight the flavors of each hand-crafted bacon.

If you're giving the bacon as a gift, we've got you covered. Shortly after receiving your order, we will send the lucky gift recipient an email with information about their membership. If you added personalized text during the checkout process to include in an email notification, we will include that text in this email. You can also download a gift card to give to the lucky recipient in person or via email.

Your monthly bacon shipments will arrive via expedited mail in specialized packaging designed to keep your bacon cool and fresh. Shipping and handling charges for all your delicious bacon shipments are included in the subscription price.

Get ready to enjoy bacon the way it's supposed to taste, and remember: We all deserve better bacon.