the pig next door Gets Major Ratings Boost

the pig next door Gets Major Ratings Boost

After a strong following and readership in the past six months, the pig next door gets major ratings boost and slowly climbing to the top of the online charts steadily. This is great news for the staff and crew of the company, as well as its loyal followers, as this would mean more exposure for them, and higher traffic will most likely result in increased earnings.

These findings are based on the latest nielsen survey showing how the pig next door has claimed top spot in search engine results in the past four weeks. This number is staggering, considering the the four-week period prior to this, the pig next door was not even in the top 50 list. The spike in ratings could be attributed to our new marketing strategy, using all social media outlets to gain more followers and potential customers.

This may be good news to most, but the major benchmark for most online businesses is still conversion rates. Sure, it sounds nice and a confidence booster to be on top of the hill, so to speak. This means the team has been working so hard and so focused that they deserve all the accolade for this achievement. This is no small feat considering the very tough competition we had to beat in order to wrest top spot.

the pig next door will not rest on its newest achievements, of course. This should motivate us even further to work twice as hard to stay on top. We know this is not such an easy thing to do, with all the competitors looking to improve their standings. Another factor to look out for is how search engines change their “metrics” from time to time. This is not bad, for the long run, as it keeps websites honest and up-to-date, otherwise they lose traction and fall off the top.

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