10,000 Customers Served

10,000 Customers Served

the pig next door is celebrating another milestone as it has recently eclipsed the 10,000 customer mark earlier this week. This is another amazing feat, considering we’ve only been in business less than three years. Such is the rapid growth of the company that people are beginning to associate the pig next door to something of an online staple. We are a young company, but we’re slowly but surely growing roots and establishing a pretty awesome new business model.

It must be a record of sorts, having achieved such an accomplishment at this point in our lives. Having that many people trust in our products and services is quite an accomplishment in itself. Not to mention the number of people we have helped along the way is also increasing day by day. As we go along with our day to day activities, many realizations appear before our very eyes. Good service attracts good and loyal customers.

That we do offer good service and excellent products is something to be proud of. But we must not rest on our laurels just yet. We must strive to go from good to better, and then from better to best. I guess that is the natural succession of things in the natural order of the world. When people trust your brand, the rest of the steps are easy. Build trust, establish rapport, and you’e won half the battle.

So, what’s next for us? The logical answer would be, the next milestone, like the 1st 50,000 customers, or the 1 million mark in sales. It may take a while before we get there, but we already have the blueprint. All we have to do now is follow that blueprint, follow through with our promises to our clients, and the rest will be history soon. You can count on it!

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